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A Couples App to grow your relationship? We’ve got your back.

Let’s embark on a journey to build intimacy and feel closer.

We want to do it for the entire planet – but let’s start with your partner!

It’s very natural – yet we don’t talk about it – your sex life probably isn’t as exciting as it was at the beginning of your relationship. And that’s OK!

That energetic spark propelled us together. We played, danced and followed each into the depths of love. We explored and learned and grew together – but something happened along the way…

…we got stuck in our routines and our habits. We got set on a way of behaving, acting and reacting to our partner. We might become attached – and that beautiful safety net can make us play it safe.

Although our love deepens, our creative exploration of our intimate connection might not and in these situations, our sex life can become a tad routine – or so rare it hurts!

Get Started with Pillow App

Pillow offers a breath of fresh air in your relationship.

The iPhone/iPad app offers you new ways to connect – emotionally and physically – with interactive, follow-along episodes via a smartphone.

Press play, put the phone down and listen along to the episodes together!

So what’s a Pillow Episode?

Pillow’s audio episodes are expertly crafted and fun to follow-along intimacy exercises for you and your partner to connect deeper.

The episodes offer an interactive and playful way for you to spend time together. By putting on an episode of Pillow (instead of the latest TV series), you can live out your own journey.

The episodes cover a variety of intimate journeys! From reminiscing to new ways to kiss. From back massages to eye gazing. And from appreciating each other to exploring the senses.

We’re crafting new episodes regularly – written by experts from around the world!

It’s time to start your adventure…

Download the App to begin

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Helps your relationship with:

  • Deeper intimacy in your relationship or marriage.
  • Ideas and creativity in the bedroom.
  • Reignite the spark and keep your relationship/marriage exciting.
  • Grow your passion for one another and feel closer!
  • Play and explore each other in new ways.

Couples Expert?

If you’re a Relationship Therapist, Marriage Counsellors, Psychosexual Therapist, Couples Coaches or similar, read the introduction to Pillow for Experts.

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