Ten Things I’m Thankful For

Author: Clare Faulkner
Time: 11 minutes


Gratitude for life, and all that it offers, is the key to happiness and abundance.  Being grateful for ‘what is’ as opposed to battling to change our circumstances can bring peace and contentment into our daily lives. By focusing on what we are grateful for, rather than the perceived negatives, we bring more of the positives into our lives.  This is an especially useful tool when we are accustomed to focusing only on ‘the bad’ in our partner, as this practice will help to shift our perspective.

Episode Quotes

With your eyes still closed, think about your partner and picture them in your mind’s eye.”

“Picture them at a happy time in your lives. See them smiling, happy and joyful.  Hear their voice, their laughter, their kind words.”

“Think about all of the precious memories you have shared… All of these experiences that have made you the couple you are today.”

“As you breathe out feel the gratitude you have for your partner.  Feel it resonating throughout your body- the joy and the happiness that they are – in your life.”

Expert’s Perspective

Clare Faulkner, Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist

“I believe that gratitude can be a very powerful tool for couples.  This can be especially true when we hit rocky waters as gratitude brings us together as opposed to dividing us.  The challenges in life may bring the biggest opportunities for growth so having gratitude for each other, and what is, can be especially empowering and bonding.

Personal gratitude is something I practice on a daily basis. I make a note of ten things I’m grateful for before bed.  I find this makes for a peaceful night’s sleep, especially if the day has been particularly challenging.”

This Intimacy Exercise is great for

  • Shifting your perspective into a positive frame of mind.
  • Getting centered in communication with a simple breathing practice
  • Expressing gratitude as well as feeling the gratitude in your body
  • Creating a ritual in appreciating each other that is easy to adopt
  • Acknowledging the haves versus the have-nots

What is an Episode?

Each uniquely crafted intimate audio adventure takes you and your partner on a journey of exploration. Simply press play, follow-along together, and let the intimacy exercise nurture your relationship.