Memory Moments

Author: Kate Moyle
Time: 13 minutes


The two of you share a loving history and an intimate understanding – but in the chaos of everyday life it can be easy to forget this. By reminiscing together, you will go back to the first time you met. What did you feel? What did they say? How did they look? That first kiss… that first, intimate moment.. By sharing these memories you re-forge bonds that may have weakened over time. Let the memory journey begin…

This Intimacy Exercise is great for

  • Thinking about good times you’ve had together
  • Getting those first time feelings back
  • Setting time aside just for the two of you
  • Talking and sharing about your relationship

What is an Episode?

Each uniquely crafted intimate audio adventure takes you and your partner on a journey of exploration. Simply press play, follow-along together, and let the intimacy exercise nurture your relationship.

Expert’s Perspective

Kate Moyle, The Thought House

Our memories are what make us unique as individuals, but also connect us in our relationships in many ways. It feels in modern life that we spend so much time looking forward towards the next goal or achievement, but this episode takes you back with no purpose other than to revisit the positive and connecting feelings.

Couple’s Feedback

“Sometimes, after many years of being in the same relationship, you tend to gravitate to the ‘tried and true.’ Pillow reminds you that there are still new things to experience with your partner. It brings you back to dating again.”

“I just wanted to say that I think you guys are doing an immense amount of good in the world, especially in a space dominated by tasteless immediacy. You have a major fan in me!”