How Present Are You?

Author: Pillow
Time: ~15 minutes


In this simple exercise, you’ll practice being present, first with yourself, and then with your partner.  Being fully present with your partner means greater empathy from the heart and connection in the moment, allowing your relationship to attune with each other.  There is less miscommunication or wondering what the other is feeling, and more fulfilment, love, and joy from being deeply felt, seen, heard and experienced.

Episode Quotes

Let go of any thoughts from the day, any plans for later, and any expectations for what will even happen right now.  You are here setting aside this time to practice being present, first with yourself, and then with your partner.”

Notice the expression on your partner’s face and the rise and fall of their chest as they breathe.  Notice their posture and how they might be feeling. Feel into your partner’s emotions and connect your heart with theirs.”

Are you able to feel how present you are?  Are you able to feel when you are present and connected to your partner?  And whether your partner is present and connected to you?

Expert’s Perspective

Kate Moyle, The Thought House

Culture at large seems to constantly bombard us with pressure and stresses from all angles, which often leaves us feeling preoccupied and distracted. This episode is a chance to steal moments away from everything else, and to just engage in the here and now. When we are fully present it offers us more space to connect and be intimate, clearing away what is taking our attention and then offering it fully to each other. As humans we all want to feel special, and having our partner’s full presence shows us that we are a priority.

This Intimacy Exercise is great for

  • Having fun in a simple meditation game
  • Spending some time feeling present with your self
  • Spending some time feeling present your partner
  • Talking and sharing about how you tune in with each other

What is an Episode?

Each uniquely crafted intimate audio adventure takes you and your partner on a journey of exploration. Simply press play, follow-along together, and let the intimacy exercise nurture your relationship.