Dance of Sensuality – Reveal Your Inner Dancer

Author: Pyasa Neko Siff
Time: ~20 minutes


Dance is a powerful form of self-expression. Through dance we can use our bodies to express the language of our soul, convey emotions, and share our personal creativity – all through non-verbal communication. Dance releases a flood of endorphins that naturally boost our mood, helping us to release worries and stress by grounding us in the present moment, and in the freedom and pleasures of being alive in a body. Reclaim your innate erotic self with this juicy and playful exercise that uses the medium of dance. I invite you to explore the ‘Dance of Sensuality’ and allow yourself to unleash your sensuous nature and share it with your partner.

Expert’s Perspective

Pyasa Neko Siff, Certified Somatic Sexologist and Author.

So many of us have been shut down in regards to expressing our sensuality either due to poor body image or because we have determined it isn’t safe to do so due to past experiences. In this episode you have the opportunity to express your sensuality in a safe container with your partner. This somatic exercise helps you to flex and enhance your sensuality muscles that will create new neural pathways to pleasure. When you abandon your fears of being seen in your sensuality, you give yourself permission to embody your full beauty.  Having a trusted witness can support you in finding this edge. The very act of revealing yourself to another can open you to a powerful transformation of your self worth where you are able to discover a new level of freedom in how you see your body and yourself. This exploration invites you to dance and unveil yourself in the presence of your partner. Drop your inhibitions and celebrate your sensuous beauty!

Episode Quotes

If you haven’t dressed already, take some time to adorn yourself. Dress  in clothing that makes you feel gorgeous. Wearing layers, and clothing with buttons, can be used creatively IF — you decide to take some layers off  — and… undressing is completely optional!

Drop the idea of performing, this dance is just for you; the more you simply let yourself feel your sensuality -the more freedom and ease you will find to connect with it. The key to feeling your sensuality is to focus on how you FEEL rather than on how you LOOK!

Breathe in your divine sensual essence…Breathe out any need for approval….

“…give your full attention to your partner. The role of a witness means there is nothing for you to say or do, no feedback is necessary …  simply be present and take in the beauty of the dance you are gifted to behold.

This Intimacy Exercise is great for

  • Connecting with your innate beauty and self-worth
  • Building confidence, healing body shame
  • Learning to connect with and embody your sensuality
  • Improving your self-image
  • Cultivating authentic intimacy through sharing vulnerability
  • Feeling alive, present, juicy and sexy
  • Reclaiming your erotic self

Featured Music

Pyasa’s good friend Om has contributed his impressive talent to the Dance of Sensuality episode. You will get to dance to a track from his Dance Medicine CD by his band Om at Last, a new spiritual global tribal trance band. Omkaro a.k.a. Om, is a musician, composer and producer who founded the band Om at Last; he is also well know by his role as ‘beat-central” for Lost at Last, a popular band which attracted a large following on the west coast of the USA from the late ‘90’s till 2005. His music weaves a cosmic alchemical fusion of dynamic beats, world tribal grooves, devotional chants and psychedelic electronica. If you like this song track you can hear more and purchase his music at:

What is an Episode?

Each uniquely crafted intimate audio adventure takes you and your partner on a journey of exploration. Simply press play, follow-along together, and let the intimacy exercise nurture your relationship.

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