Complement – Deeper Appreciation; Heightened Sensuality

Author: Kate Moyle
Time: 12 minutes


Take pause in this episode to give compliments to your partner. We know you like each other, but it feels so good to hear it! Take time to study your partner and share with each other the details that attract you. Immerse yourself in the moment as you observe each other physically. Look at each other fully as you re-ignite the flames of desire.

This Intimacy Exercise is great for

  • Helping you to both feel good about yourselves
  • Communicating affection to your partner
  • Building attraction and confidence in your relationship
  • Stronger emotional connection

What is an Episode?

Each uniquely crafted intimate audio adventure takes you and your partner on a journey of exploration. Simply press play, follow-along together, and let the intimacy exercise nurture your relationship.

Expert’s Perspective

Kate Moyle, The Thought House

A compliment in its genuine and authentic form can make us feel amazing. No matter the content it speaks to us and says I value you. In couple relationships we forget to appreciate and compliment what is always in front of us. Feeling appreciated, respected, valued and understood can have benefits for our emotional state, our closeness as a couple and our intimate and sexual lives and makes us want to do it more.

Couple’s Feedback

“Sometimes, after many years of being in the same relationship, you tend to gravitate to the ‘tried and true.’ Pillow reminds you that there are still new things to experience with your partner. It brings you back to dating again.”

“I just wanted to say that I think you guys are doing an immense amount of good in the world, especially in a space dominated by tasteless immediacy. You have a major fan in me!”