Pillow Team’s Relationship Intentions for 2018

A value we all share here at Pillow, is to constantly grow within ourselves and in our own relationships. And yes, we have relationships of all kinds, not just romantic ones! Here is our journey thus far, with a vision for how we connect deeper in this new year:


“This year’s focus for me is in the deeper devotion to the one woman in my life – to continue opening myself up to her, allowing her in, whilst also staying true to my core and identity. I’m also opening myself up to growing friendships with more men in 2018, as I feel I’ve been unbalanced into the feminine for the last few years whilst nurturing the foundation of Pillow.”

“My 2018 intention is to be aware of being too busy and prioritising taking time for myself and my relationship. It’s easy to get swept away with work, family & living in a City like London which is non-stop; so making sure we carve out distraction free time where we can give each other our full attention is essential.”

“My focus for 2018 is to carve out more “us” time for my wife and I. This could be more date nights, more time for deep discussions or more time for playing with Pillow :). With two small children, this is becoming increasingly difficult but is a common goal for us both.”

“My focus this year is to find more courage in being vulnerable. To me this means – get better at communication, and cultivating self-awareness for expressing needs. With work and travel being a part of our lifestyle – and at times it may be a blurry line between being home versus being at work, I want to continue to create more rituals to keep our relationship connection grounded and stable. Things like meditating together, or Belly2Belly (available on Pillow) always work and will continue to work!”


We hope your intentions are similar to ours, and we’re excited that Pillow can be a part of that growth for you too!


Lots of Love and Happy New Year!
The Pillow Team