Introducing Bryan Reeves – Coaching for Both Masculine and Feminine

I am so excited to share with you something very special. As Producer at Pillow, I’ve been co-writing our episodes with the amazing Kate Moyle, and it’s been a beautiful labor of love. We sit together over Skype calls and Slack chats, putting ourselves in the hearts and minds of couples and feeling through each script in great detail. We share the script with Darren, you know – our awesome Bossman, and he shares even more empathy and voice of how couples feel when they listen to the episode.

We think about how you’ll feel if we used the word “touch” instead of “hold”. Sometimes we pause and count the number of seconds we have in silence… to imagine how many seconds it takes to take 5 breaths with a partner. We think of all the ways we come into presence with a partner. The love we put forth in these playfully written scripts is done with so much attention to your experience. You matter.

You might have experienced some of our Expert Episodes last year, which were released once in awhile with no clear pattern. This year, we’re rolling out more, with more intention – at least one per month. Our vision for 2018 is gifting all of you more experiences of Love and Connection personally created by the very teachers who inspire and support us every day to build Pillow.

We present to you our first Expert Episode, Open Heart Meditation, by Bryan Reeves. This episode resonates with what Bryan believes as an important teaching for couples to take on: how to quickly shift conflict into connection.

A former US Air Force Captain, Bryan has survived multiple dark nights of the soul, and now coaches men, women and couples to create thriving lives and relationships. His viral blog, “Choose Her Every Day (or Leave Her)” has been read by over 30 million people worldwide, and his articles have appeared in Redbook, Thought Catalog, Good Men Project, Raw Attraction Magazine and more. His two books on Amazon and two online courses, including “Boundaries: Relationships Suck Without ‘Em!” have helped thousands of people across the globe make sense of love and intimacy’s oft-bewildering senselessness.

“Intimate relationships – Love – often become ‘No Man’s Land.’ But only until we learn how to embrace the profound wisdom of Feminine energy in our every day lives. For that is when we finally discover we are here to serve Love.”  

Having Bryan on Pillow’s platform is very personal for me, and if it’s personal for me, I am sure it will also connect with many of you too. I often felt like these things we need to work on as a couple is one-sided. I sit on my laptop or phone wishing for a masculine ally who can coach both men and women in loving. I used to fear that men didn’t care for personally developing their capacity to have a more conscious relationship. Then I started following Bryan’s Facebook posts. A desire for intimacy with your partner isn’t only a female desire. Pillow is for men and women alike. For that, I am grateful. Both partners of the same relationship want to do the inner-work.

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