How Do I Tell My Partner About Pillow?

It’s an app, and it sounds fun. But how do I tell my partner about it?

Yeah… right? There’s so many ways you could go about it, depending on the dynamic of your duo. We understand; it doesn’t have to be built up so much. No awkwardness, no expectations. Getting in touch with the love within doesn’t have to be a big clunky discussion unless you prefer it to be. It can be done with so much grace and lightness.

Here are some ideas that may work for you:

  • Invite them to a stay-at-home date night before you put on Netflix. Let’s say- 15 minutes. Dress cozy… Don’t build it up too much. Pick one of our short episodes. An easy one like ‘Hug’ or ‘Deeply Gazing’.
  • Send them a link. Share in your Messenger or WhatsApp. No more words need to be said. Plant that seed and watch the love grow.
  • Straight up — tell them that you want to play with them, cause it’s a fun way to go deeper with each other.
  • Offer them a compliment first- appreciate something about them that makes them special to you.  Watch their eyes light up, then tell them how we have a whole episode on this practice!
  • “Have you heard of Pillow, [insert friend’s name here] thought it was enjoyable, can we try it?”
  • We’d love to be a part of your date. Next time you’re in the cafe or lounging on the sofa with your laptops, take ’em on a tour browsing Pillow online. Sit together and check out our Episodes List
  • Tell them over dinner, “Sooooo I want to feel closer to you. AND I have a solution that won’t make you think too hard.”  Have Pillow for dessert instead of that naughty slice of chocolate cake. OR both (have your cake and eat it too).
  • “Our communication sucks. Even mine does. Here’s what we’re going to do about it.”
  • On a quiet Sunday afternoon together, play an episode so that they can overhear it. Choose the in-app voice you think will be most alluring to your partner…
  • Refer to a specific part of your relationship. Tell them how Pillow will help you talk about things you find hard to talk about otherwise.
  • If it floats their boat: “You’ll get to blindfold me if we play with Pillow.”
  • “It’s like a workout for our relationship — come work out with me” 😉
  • “Our sex life is awesome — look at this. Let’s make it even more awesome.”
  • “There’s one episode where we have to jump around like animals and it kinda sounds fun.”
  • “There’s one episode where you have to actually listen to me telling you a story without interrupting me. Think you can do that?!”
  • “There’s this one episode where we have to pull lots of funny faces and copy each other. It’s a bit ridiculous. But you gotta lighten up, grumpy pants!”
  • “It will help us slow down.”
  • Grab their hand, sit them down and tell them that you have something really, really important to tell them. Then show them Pillow.
  • Reminisce about a really sexy time you guys had together. Talk about getting that feeling back and show them how playing with Pillow would be a hot way to do that.
  • “I know I said phones aren’t supposed to be in the bedroom, but….”
  • “You know that meditation app that you use? There’s one for couples.”
  • Load up the app, put it on the table, look into their eyes, and slide over the phone like you’re offering cash in a gangster movie. And if you do, please reenact it and send us a clip. Really, please.
  • “Instead of sitting down and watching the next episode of [insert latest TV series time sink here], can we do this episode, together?”

So there you have it, a rambling of ideas to kick start your conversation about Pillow.

Drop us a comment if you have any more suggestions, we’d love to hear how you shared it with your partner!