Breaking Bad Relationship Habits & Using Pillow Make New Ones

Bad habits.

We all have them.

Overeating, falling asleep with our makeup on, biting our nails, and spending too much time looking at our phones, the list is endless.

On their own, or in small doses they don’t seem to cause much harm, but to stop them snowballing we need to break them. We need to make the effort to change or they can become a constant without us even noticing. As a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist I work with lots of people who talk about how bad habits, even though they seem small, drive them mad in their relationships.

‘It drives me crazy that he leaves his wet towels on the floor’.

‘Why is she always late?’

Without drawing attention to bad habits we don’t have a reason to change them — or perhaps even the awareness that they exist, and a huge example of this is taking our phones into the bedroom with us. We make the excuse that we use it as our alarm clock, or need to just check our emails one last time before bed (even though it’s 11.42pm) but why?

Our relationship with technology is a difficult one — can’t live with it, can’t with without it.

Research is already showing that the screen light may be interrupting sleep levels. Our ability to communicate with each other is challenged by the fact we are better at non face to face and via technology contact. We’re all guilty of it — as I type this blogpost I am sitting on a train watching the Olympics Highlights on my iPad (Go team GB!) Why do I need both? Because we can? Because multitasking is one of my bad habits?

Even as a Psychotherapist — a career based around face to face interaction and human relationships, I feel like I spend half my life in front of a screen, so much so that in an attempt to break that habit I have a tech-free day once a month. But how does this work for human relationships? For couples? How do we both break the bad habits together? Sitting down and just talking about this isn’t enough, and this is why we made Pillow.

How could taking your phone into your bedroom be a GOOD thing. Apart from just using the off switch, could your phone help you get closer to your partner?

Pillow is the app that brings couples together and gets them to break the bad habits and invest in time with each other.

Break the habit, be mindful, try something new and be together — try it for yourself at


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