Let’s Podcast About Sex

At Pillow, we pride ourselves on being A Love and Intimacy Education Platform for all couples. To help people to understand different routes and ways to explore love, relationships and all forms of intimacy is important. As individual beings, we understand that what people like, and what makes us feel good is as unique as … Read more

​Offer Your Partner an Invitation to Intimacy

Relationships can be a delicate balance. If we cling on too tight we can grasp too hard and potentially cause hurt; if we don’t hold on tightly enough they can slip through our fingers. Hanging in this balance is giving and receiving. We have to be open to and prepared to give out, and that … Read more


A journey back to emotional and physical intimacy The recent #MeToo campaign has brought a conversation to the surface, one of people sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and assault.  This is all part of a larger conversation about what happens to those, regardless of sex or gender, who experience violation of their personal boundaries. By … Read more

How Do You ‘Do Love’ in Your Relationship?

How do you and your partner/s show each other your love? Have you really thought about it? What about when you are feeling unloved, how do you notice? We all have them, those arguments that seem to come from nowhere, they catch us off guard triggered by something small and apparently insignificant. How has an … Read more

Melissa Risso takes you through a Sensual exploration of your Senses

Pillow’s newest episode is written by the amazing Melissa Risso the Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist on a mission to reverse the stigmas and ways we learn about mental and sexual health. Melissa’s guest episode for Pillow takes listeners through an exploration of all five of the senses, sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing encouraging being present and mindful … Read more

Where did all the intimacy go?

Originally Posted on Some Kind of Therapy This title is a question I have been pondering for a while now; and I’m not just talking about the intimacy in our private lives, but in relationships in general. As I handed over my passport at Heathrow airport the other day, I asked the man how he was, … Read more

The Modern Landscape of Love

Our love lives are on the move. And there is one big reason. Technology. It’s not just the way that we meet that’s changing, but also how we connect and relate to each other. Common bad habits include gazing into our screens more than each other’s eyes, and touching our keypads more than our partner’s … Read more