How to Play with Pillow

Pillow makes nurturing intimacy in your relationship a breeze. It’s kind of like the meditation app Headspace, but for Couples Intimacy. The experiences we’ve crafted have been inspired by exercises used in tantra workshops, and by sex and relationship therapists. We’re trying really hard to help couples open up, improve their intimate communication and to be more … Read more

The Story Behind Pillow

Long-term, intimate relationships can be difficult, right?! At least, that’s where it started for me. I thought it was going to be smooth sailing. But I found out they take commitment, hard-work and whole lotta’ love — whether you’re ready for it or not! In multiple relationships, I found that sex ended up being far less exciting … Read more

10 Reasons Why Sex Is Broken

We live in a world where women are sexually repressed, marriages are failing and sex toys are being used as a replacement for intimacy. We’re encouraged by our elders to have a lifelong sexually monogamous relationship but our brain can tell us otherwise, we don’t know the difference between love and lust and we’re throwing … Read more