How to Have Sex Like You Mean It, by Guest Expert Cyndi Darnell

Cyndi Darnell is one of Australia’s leading, trusted therapists specialising in relationships, intimacy, sexuality and personal well-being. As a renowned counsellor, sex therapist, speaker, writer and qualified sexologist, she is passionate about helping people develop the transformational skills they need to create a satisfying life and meaningful connections from the boardroom to the bedroom. As a Guest Expert for Pillow, … Read more

The Mirror Principle by Guest Expert Anna Yusim

The Mirror Principle: The Single Relationship Secret That Will Change Your Love Life Forever [originally written by Anna Yusim, for Thrive Global] What sages and mystics have purported for centuries is now being studied by neuroscientists and psychologists. Our own personal worlds are a reflection of who we are and what we think, feel, and … Read more

Introducing Pyasa Neko Siff – Somatic Sexologist and Author

The secret to a fulfilling relationship and satisfying sex is one and the same. If you want to keep your relationship fresh and growing you need to devote yourself to cultivating intimacy – with yourself – and with your partner, on a daily basis. -Pyasa Neko Siff We have a new Guest Expert to feature … Read more

What is Love?

Silva Neves is partnering with us alongside other Experts on some beautiful new Episodes this year.  Silva shares his perspective on, “What is Love?” — Love What is love? How is it born? how can it die? And how to maintain it?   As Valentines Day approaches, people talk about love and relationships. Some really … Read more

7 Reasons Why You Need a Bedroom Boost with Kama Kits

We at Pillow want to share new and engaging ways you can connect with your partner. As our world grows with like-minded people who are passionate about intimacy, we hope to show you how important it is for the world to understand these values. Recently we connected with the people behind Kama Kits. Kama Kits are … Read more

Pillow Team’s Relationship Intentions for 2018

A value we all share here at Pillow, is to constantly grow within ourselves and in our own relationships. And yes, we have relationships of all kinds, not just romantic ones! Here is our journey thus far, with a vision for how we connect deeper in this new year: Darren “This year’s focus for me … Read more

A Day of Togetherness – Intimacy Isn’t Just for Couples

There’s been this assumption amongst many, when they hear the word “intimacy”, most think “sex”. But that’s not really what it is. I’ve been searching for the meaning of this for some time. I didn’t realize I was until I became aware of the word… which either is trending right now because of the world’s … Read more

Press Release – Pillow Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Pillow Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign to Teach the World to Love Intimacy education platform chooses equity crowdfunding to give relationship experts and couples the opportunity to invest in the company’s growth. San Francisco, Calif., November 14, 2017, 7:11:00PM With spiking concerns of disconnection and emotional health problems associated with technology – such as feelings of … Read more

How Do I Tell My Partner About Pillow?

It’s an app, and it sounds fun. But how do I tell my partner about it? Yeah… right? There’s so many ways you could go about it, depending on the dynamic of your duo. We understand; it doesn’t have to be built up so much. No awkwardness, no expectations. Getting in touch with the love … Read more